Intermission – Showing the system working far away is only a way of proving it will play so much better at closer range

I keep getting this. This isn’t designed for ultra long range FPV. Sure, it’s so good that as shown, it can do that. But that’s not what this is all about.

This product is about having an ultra low latency, very reliable 2.4 GHz video link with RC and Mavlink. The applications?

  • Controlling aerial cinematography drones where you can switch between the HDMI camera and our own custom (piloting) camera, or if you want, two HDMI cameras (why would you do that? Well, now you can).
    • The HDMI input board cable is so long and flexible it will be able to go around a stabilised gimbal without interfering with it. It will be a breeze. Wait for it to be shown here.
  • The big majority of the “zero delay” broadcast market, where the average product is a $3000 metal brick with a 300-foot range and they forget to tell you yes, transmission latency is 1 milliseconds instead of our 25 milliseconds but camera latency is usually at least 100 ms, so you are paying an extra  $2500 to have 101 ms instead of 125 ms worth of latency. That has to be the best marketing ever.
  • Surveying fields and running YOLO (You Only Look Once) on the ground HDMI out (yes, some crazy people that are maybe reading actually play with this).
  • Sure, FPV. Anything but ultra crazy fast drone racing where people actually notice a 30 vs 45 ms latency difference. Good luck cracking that nut.
  • ???. You can help me fill in this field in the comments because honestly, there are so many of them.

Closer range tests are coming but I’m extremely busy working full time on this thing so that I can show you renderings of the product and convince you to finally put in that preorder.

PayPal freezing payments on the 22th of June (and maybe earlier than that)

First off, no reason to worry. This was expected and planned for as explained in the “Why preorders and why now” post.

I guess those preorders must be even so slightly successful for PayPal to finally freeze the account. This morning I woke up to:

One of the steps required is proof the orders actually shipped. Funny thing is, this didn’t happen last time as the product was in stock, so either a human or a ML algorithm correctly decided we are running preorders.

As you can imagine I can’t provide proof of shipment for a product that didn’t ship, so I can’t unfreeze the funds, so PayPal is going to be my long term bank deposit I didn’t ask for for a while now.

The next step is for PayPal to freeze deposits as well.

This will happen either in 40 days “or if we notice additional changes in your account activity”, which I guess means more preorders.

In other words, the PayPal payment option is fading and doing so fast. If you want to pay using that option the window to do so is closing. If you want to make sure I can’t access your money before shipment, that is also the way to go.

100mW and 700mW range test results (using non directional antennas)

Why release a single video when you can release two at the same time?
Both are showing the system working using dipoles – no high gain directional antennas increasing range!

A word of advice: the 700mW video was filmed with out of focus lenses. A real shame, so make sure to watch both of them!

The 700mW video is is the only one where the system is far away enough to failsafe (trading video quality for range moving to a narrower bandwidth), so editing focused on showing that behaviour.

There is a lot that can be worked on via software changes, this is just setting some limits on performances to be expected but framerate and recovery/general behaviour will keep on improving. This is just the result after a few times out of the lab, after all.